Dollar Sweets – Chocolate Mirror Glaze Review

Written by Melissa Raza of Cake Embassy

We all have time constraints.  And we often look for convenience, value and quality! We couldn’t be in better luck with Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze.  Everything you can imagine in one delicious bottle!

Readily available on Coles shelves, your local grocery store, awaits Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze. Dressed in a pretty pink label, it’s as advertised, ‘Ready to use’.  And only one bottle is needed to do the job. 

The moment I laid eyes on it, grasping that bottle, I knew I was in sweet luck.  What a treat and that’s speaking literally. I was extremely keen to take that bottle home and give this ready made glaze a go. I’d procrastinated on making a glaze, several times, watching this technique flood our instagram viewing in the cake department.  To be honest, I was amused watching others pour glaze over cakes, but a little nervous to make and pour glaze myself. I was worried about failing; failing at making the recipe, failing at finding the ‘right’ recipe to work for me (again and again) and managing this with other responsibilities in my daily time grind, failing to create the correct consistency for a smooth pour, failing to evenly pour the glaze, failing to get the shiny, mirror finish and then, looking at the result – arg, an unevenly flooded, drab looking, dull cake.  This fear of failing was unleashed! With no special celebrations coming up, the glaze gave me a reason to bake. Thank you Dollar Sweets! I had to get pouring when I found you!  


The bottle design is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  No need to find the ‘right’ pouring tool in your collection of plastics or glassware; no need at all to take your pouring jug out or pancake bottle, find that it’s not right for your glaze’s consistency and then, search for a new tool to pour.  After all those possible attempts, realising how many dishes you now must wash up. The bottle is made to make pouring simply sweet bliss. It fits comfortably in the hand, you’ll notice on the initial required shake, and it may be squeezed, applying the pressure required for the amount you can handle over your cake.  Designed with a flip top lid, it uncovers a perfect small spout. This assists in controlling the speed at which the glaze leaves the bottle. And the leftover glaze will never go hard, it’ll stay the very same as the first time you poured.

The instructions on the back of the bottle were so well written and easy to follow. And my first attempt shocked me.  The sense of achievement was not only flooded over the cake, but over my face. I’d made my debut – my first ever chocolate mirror glaze cake being a success!  I couldn’t believe it only took a wire rack, tray and bent spatula and not to mention my refrigerated buttercream mud cake to make bliss. It happened so smoothly and so quick, I set up my tools and cake, then poured Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze directly from the bottle, above my cake centre. With a little wrist and elbow action, I assisted the glaze to spread to the edge circumference of the cake with the spatula. The glaze covered the top and the sides of the cake, and I didn’t even have to fuss with the product.  Half a bottle used, and some in the tray. I considered putting the remainder back in the bottle, but it was consumed before I could. My toddlers, who’d witnessed the simple process were dribbling with mouths wide open. We moved the perfectly mirror glazed cake to the turn-table and scooped the glaze up with our fingers to savour. Our eyes lit up! It was choc-o-licious

As we took pleasure in eating the remaining chocolate glaze, my eyes frequented my cake.  It was so shiny, and when I took photographs of it, I could see my reflection. I was thoroughly impressed to note, that even after placing the cake in the fridge, it kept its gloss and satin finish. 

My Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze adventures have not stopped at cake pouring. It’s such a versatile product, that I’ve had the family relishing frozen bananas double dipped in the chocolate glaze, that’s our favourite.  I’ve dipped donuts in it and poured it over ice cream, petit fours and lamingtons. The possibilities are endless and your imagination will only transform your sweet treats into delights that make your taste buds jump n giggle for more.

Always shiny, always delightfully divine and ready to use, Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze!
Dollar Sweets Chocolate Mirror Glaze is available at most Coles Supermarkets in Australia
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