The Australian Cake Decorating Network are pleased to announce that Red Star Insurance Brokers are offering discounted insurance for cake decorators!


Become an ACDN member BEFORE YOU TAKE OUT THE INSURANCE POLICY and save $100, which is more than the ACDN membership fee! Not only will you get cheaper insurance, you can also take advantage of the other discounts and benefits on offer to ACDN members.


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Comprehensive Cake Decorating Insurance


With Red Star Insurance Brokers



$189 /year for ACDN members


$289 /year for non-members 





ACDN members rate $189 per year
Non-members rate $289 per year


Subject to acceptance criteria.


This policy provides Public & Product Liability cover. Public & Product Liability Insurance covers you for essentially two things that may arise from running your business:


1. Personal Injury to third parties (e.g. someone gets food poisoning from your cake)

2. Property Damage to third party owned goods

There is one Master Policy and all clients are covered under and share in the one limit of $20,000,000. This Master Policy has a common expiry date of 31 August each year. See below for further details on what a Master Policy is.  Individual Policies are also available through Red Star Insurance Brokers. Please see information below.



Limit: $20,000,000

Excess: $500


What Is A Master Policy?

A Master Policy (Or ‘Group Policy’) is a single policy that is set up to cover a group of people that are typically members of a group (eg ACDN). Each individual is covered in the same way that they would be if they had taken out an individual policy, except for the fact that the Limit of Liability ($20m) is shared between all members. This means that the total amount of claims that can be paid by the policy is $20m across all members. If one member made a claim for $20m, the policy would be exhausted and no further claims could be made. In the unlikely event that the limit is reached, all individuals will be contacted and a new policy arranged so coverage remains. Considering the limited number of claims lodged we consider it highly unlikely that the limit will be breached, and as such we consider that this policy is appropriate for our clients, particularly given the premium savings available. In the very unlikely event that the limit is reached, all clients will be contacted and a new policy cover arranged.


If you would prefer to have your own individual policy, please let Red Star Insurance Brokers know and they can set up an Individual Policy for you (additional costs apply).

Ready to set up your insurance?


For more information on Cake Decorating insurance through Red Star Insurance Brokers and to read the Policy Wording, you can visit their website by clicking the button below.


REFERRAL DISCLAIMER: The above information has been supplied by Red Star Insurance Brokers. The Australian Cake Decorating Network does not provide any advice regarding insurance matters and enquiries should be directed to Red Star Insurance Brokers. The Australian Cake Decorating Network receives a small commission paid by Red Star Insurance Brokers. Receiving commission allows us to continue to source and promote great deals such as this to our members and non-members. The commission payment is paid by Red Star Insurance Brokers and does not affect your policy rate. We only promote products and services that we use and love ourselves, and Red Star Insurance Brokers is one of them!

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