The Berry Fresh Story

Hello everyone. My name is Jimmy Ripepi. I’m the Founder and Operator of Berry Fresh Australia. 
Berry fresh is now just over 2 years old and I still pinch myself everyday as to how far we have come in such little time!
My background for over 20 years has been Fresh Strawberry Growing, Sales and Distribution all across the East Coast of Australia. 
For years, I was always wondering what we could do with our Excess or Imperfect Strawberries. 
After Months and years of study, Research and many headaches, I stumbled across the Freeze Dry process and I knew Straight away It was the one!
with this process, I was able to take Fresh, Everyday fruits and without any Chemicals, Added Sugars, preservatives or additives, I took 100% Australian Fresh Fruit and gave it a Shelf life of Over 12 months!
After looking further into it, I soon learned the Baking industry was a Major Consumer of these products and there was a Huge Shortage of Australian products in this market! 
Then it was all becoming clear. 
Sydney, 2018 Cake Bake n sweet show, here I come!

That was our First major event and within 3 days at the show, Berry Fresh made Life long friends and customers and established itself as a Major partner of the Cake Bake and sweets Industry. 

Since then, we have released more products and our list of Australian fruit products is continually increasing with trials ongoing of many different products. 

In July of 2020, we released a new range of 60gram packages Exclusively for Re Sellers of the Berry Fresh Products. 
Shane from Cakers Warehouse was the first one on board and was pushing me for a long time to come up with a Retail Range for them to be able to market through their stores! So with Shane’s eagerness for the products and some Priceless advice from another great friend of the industry (Mark from Custom Cookie Cutters) I took the lead and the Retail Range was created. 
So now the Berry Fresh products are available through all Cake Supply businesses across Australia and still our own Website. 
I guess this is my First real chance to Thank the Cake, Bake and Sweets industry as a whole for Accepting and Welcoming Berry Fresh into their industry. I have been so lucky to meet most of you in person but even the ones I haven’t met in person, we are still all 1 big family and I’m lucky enough to have Person contact with So many of you through social media and it’s a total pleasure being able to share your Berry Fresh creations with the world through the Social Media platforms. 
We’re excited and ready for Bigger and Better things with you all in the future. 
Image credit: The Sweetheart Co.

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