Product Review: Chocolate Drip from Cakers Warehouse

Featuring this week is  a product review from Angela Baldwin of Little Red Robyn Cake Designs.  She tested Cakers Warehouse’s Chocolate Drip range in her recent baking and here’s what she had to say!

Let me start this by saying that when I was new to the cake decorating game, I would buy every new gadget and piece of equipment that came into view.  So when I first saw the new Chocolate Drip range flash across the banner of Cakers Warehouse homepage, I had the Classic Blue in my shopping cart and on its way in the mail in no time.

It is so simple to use, easy to work with, achieves a great consistency and sets hard.

The directions on the bottle do seem far too simple, but just follow them and you will be fine!

Simply remove the lid from the bottle and place in the microwave for 30 seconds.  When finished, place the lid back on and shake well.  Remove the cap and snip the tip off the bottle.  Remember, it’s always better to cut off less, you can always cut more if needed.

This product does work just as well on buttercream, but in both instances my cakes have been in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This prevents the warm drip melting any of the outer layer as it runs down the cake.

Try to squeeze the bottle around the outside of the cake in a more natural, irregular motion, making sure the drips aren’t all the same spacing and length.  If you feel there’s a section where everything looks the same, just go back and add more to create a couple of longer drips – the product lets you do this without an issue.

To finish, simply squeeze a decent amount on the top of the cake and spread using an offset spatula.

The Chocolate Drip also works well to attach any decorations to the top of the cake.  Using the same chocolate as the drip that colours the top of the cake also allows any visible attachment points blend into the top of the cake seamlessly.

Overall, the Chocolate Drip from Cakers Warehouse is a huge time saver, in both preparation and clean up, gives a reliable, consistent drip and sets dry when cool – both on the cake and in the bottle, making for easy transportation and storage.

This product is certainly one I will be using for all of my drip cake orders from now on.


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Tutorial created by Angela Baldwin of Little Red Robyn Cakes for the Australian Cake Decorating Network

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