The story of Drippy Magic

By Karen Coubrough – Deco Magic

Hi everyone, this is the story of how “Drippy Magic” came to be. Being a cake decorator for 30+ years & a pastry chef I know how much time is required to create decorated cakes. Even more time is needed to paint the icing with metallic colour after the decorations have been made. This is where the Deco Magic products help to save time. I invented Deco Magic Original Gel in 2011 & launched this at the Everything Baking Expo in Perth Western Australia in 2012. This patented revolutionary metallic gel was the only 1 of its kind in the world at the time. From the Original gel came “Liquid Magic” in 2014. This gel was also 100% edible. Its uses are for chocolate, airbrushing & completely covering cakes with metallic colour. This product can also be used for the ‘Drip Effect’, but the result is a ‘flat drip’ instead of a ‘bubbled’ one.

The next product in the Deco Magic portfolio to be created was “Universal Magic”. Lots of cake makers asked me to create a gel that they could buy in bulk & add their own colours too. These colours being liquid, paste, gel & powder. By doing this then customers could make there own unique metallic colours. “Universal Magic” is available in “Original Magic”, “Liquid Magic” & Drippy Magic”.

In July 2018 I launched “Drippy Magic Metallic Gold”. This is the first fully metallic gold solid colour gel for creating the drip effect on cakes, chocolates & other baked & iced confections. Drippy Magic is easy to use with a 3 step process of warming the gel pouch for 15 minutes in boiled water from your kettle. Once warm wiping the gel pouch to remove any excess water, then scraping your gel into your piping bag or squeeze bottle. Then you use Drippy Magic on your cake to create the drip effect.

No painting is required so creating the drip effect now only takes around 20 minutes (including heating time)

The unique qualities of this gel are that it is a solid colour (not grainy), continues to drip down the side of the cake once on. Using 2 techniques to apply you can create both thick & thin drips. This gel sets hard within 10-15 minutes (cake out of the fridge). Decorations can be added to your cake while the drip is wet. (This helps the decorations to stick to the cake.) “Drippy Magic” works on white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate ganache, buttercream, fondant, glace icing, compound & couverture chocolate.

“Drippy Magic” is avaliable in 8 metallic colours as well as a “Universal” (so you can colour this metallic to suit your needs).

It is hard to explain the feeling that I get when customers share there cake pics with me telling me how much they enjoy using all of the products in the Deco Magic portfolio. After all I am a fellow cake decorator that had an idea to try to create a metallic gel to make all of our lives easier. To walk into a shop & see your product that you created on a shelf is unbelievable. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your cake decorating experience. 

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who uses this product & If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

*I would like to thank Chrissy Le for the use of her photo in my video & blog.



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