Product Review: Cake Leveller from Cake Craft

We recently received a Cake Leveller from Cake Craft to review for our blog, and to giveaway to one lucky reader!
We were excited to try this leveller out on our recent cake we baked for a sweet treat!



We found the Cake Leveller was really easy to set up. It was only a matter of minutes between opening the box and cutting our first layers.


The blade is very sharp (this is great, but also… be careful!) and it doesn’t bow when cutting through a crispy edge which is a real highlight for us, as we’ve experienced this issue with other cake cutters we’ve tried.


The price point is excellent and with two suppliers currently in Australia this is a really affordable option for Australian decorators to have a high quality piece of equipment like this.
Users will need to be really careful when cleaning this piece of equipment as it is extremely sharp and can be a little tricky to clean. There is a set of screws to remove the blade guard which should be put back in place after use for safety. This did take us a little time to do but we’re sure the process would be faster the more familiar we get with the tool.
The packaging is compact and would be great to keep for storage of the Cake Leveller.



Overall we think the Cake Craft Cake Leveller is a great tool and achieves fantastic results, something that is not possible for many other Cake levellers readily available in Australia, or the humble bread knife.



We are excited to have a Cake Craft Cake Leveller to give away to one lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter!
1) Read our August issue of Cake! magazine and see what page the Cake Craft Cake Leveller is featured on
2) Enter via here (you’ll need to answer the page number as a multiple choice question)
Entries open between now and Midnight Sunday 3rd September. See entry form for more details.


The Cake Craft Cake Leveller is currently available at two stockists in Australia:
1)  Cake Decorating Solutions
2)  Bake Boss


Product review for the Australian Cake Decorating Network written by Danni Berardini of My Sweet Sister

Instagram: @my_sweet_sister_melb     

Facebook:  @mysweetsistermelb


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