Organise your Cake Bookings in 2015!

REVIEW: ACDN 2015 Cake! Calendar & Planner Kit
Written by Marianna Saran 

As I sit and reflect on the year that has literally flown by (didn’t I just put my Christmas tree away?), I can’t help but feel a little guilty, that I could have been more organised. I have so many things happening at once in my life, that sometimes it’s hard to remember the schedule that goes with it. I have on the rare occasion missed important meetings and deadlines.

Nonetheless my New Year’s resolution is to be much more organised and waste less time. For the record most of my wasted time is from a wandering mind, which is always thinking about one sweet thing or another (I’m sure you can all relate). 

To help me sail through 2015 smoothly, I have already downloaded the amazing planner kit that has been created by the Australian Cake Decorating Network. It’s a cake decorator’s dream- no more stress, missed orders or deliveries with this baby!  

It contains booking forms, to do lists and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planers. It also has a monthly calendar view containing those all-important caking days and events.

Taking care of business will be a breeze with specially designed business planning pages and a yearly planner. 

You’ll also be able to get your dose of sugarcraft every day, with a calendar featuring amazing cakes from talented artists. Each of the images on the calendar were featured in 2014 issues of Cake! magazine. What a great year-in-review! 

The best feature of the ACDN planner kit is that you can print out what you need. No more lugging a massive diary unnecessarily!! 
I have already started adding crucial dates I need to remember in 2015, including my deadlines for my Cake! magazine articles.

The New Year is knocking on the door, being organised will free your mind to achieve your dreams, set new goals and conquer your fears. The calendar and planner kit is $24.95 and can be purchased HERE

You can download the files to your PC instantly after purchase and print the pages you need throughout the year. Perfect!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with lots of laughs, love and happiness. May the New Year be a safe and prosperous one for you and your families- Marianna 

Blog post written by Marianna Saran of Marianna’s Caking Me Crazy

 As a former news journalist and mother of two, Marianna Saran has taken her passion for writing and cake decorating and transformed herself into a new aged cake journalist. She loves to blog about her cake and cookie creations and tries to push herself to explore new mediums of decorating, even though some are quite intimidating at times. Interviewing renowned cake decorators from across the globe gives her a spark of inspiration as she hears their stories. It reminds her that in life all you need is love from your family and friends, a cookie in one hand and a piece of cake in the other! Sit back and enjoy the journey as you follow Marianna on a roller coaster of sugary creations! Check out what else Marianna is up to at her Blog and on Facebook


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