An Interview with Bianca Mediati, founder Communicake it!

So how did you get started? How did Communicake it happen?

  It started from a wee young age. I remember being in a toy store and looking at the display for name plates for kids bikes, and they were personalised. There were heaps of names. Heaps! But I could never find my name, Bianca.

And then I was in an antique shop a couple years back and found a similar sort of display for kids bike-number-plates again, and I wandered over to have a peek, super keen to see if just by some small chance my name may just be there! And yet, over 30 years later, I still don’t have a popular enough name to make the cut! Bianca as a kids bike name plate still wasn’t there!

And then there’s the little fact that I have always loved making things. I studied Industrial Design, worked as an Exhibition Designer, and in Graphic Design and Spatial Design studios for a long while. And also taught a few design courses too. Design is my passion.

So where is this all going?

It was my friend Christine’s birthday in 2012, and it popped into my head to make her something. She wasn’t really happy about celebrating her birthday but I wanted to make it special for her. I was already playing with things that can sit on cakes, and I thought why not give it a stab to customise something for her. I designed my first “Christine Hip Hip Hooray”, and set it up on a donut to present to her. Her reaction was wonderful, and ecstatichappiness – for someone that did not want anything for her birthday, she was really really quite happy!

She was so impressed with seeing her name, and asked where I found it as she too struggled finding her name “Christine” rather than “Christina”. Unfortunately, as it was the first cake topper I had made, the ‘e’ broke off, a little embarrassing, but I assure you, there has  been quite a lot of product development since! And so Communicake It was born 🙂

It was my friend’s reaction I became addicted to. I put one up on Etsy, and it sold! I still can’t believe it. And then customers asked for different messages, and styles, and I kept on saying yes I can do it, and somehow turned it into a business.te a lot of product development since! And so Communicake It was born 🙂

What can you offer?

I have a refined the range of cake toppers, started to play with cake boards, table numbers and even customised coat hangers. I post internationally, and love helping my customers design their own cake toppers.

I also love creating different requests. The ACDN bookends were another bespoke design.

I love making stuff for people.

And I love talking ideas, start-ups, and design.

With cake!

Check me out on on Instagram @communicakeit and

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