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This month we caught up with Sam, from Baking It. Sam told us all about their cake calculators via their website and mobile apps on Here’s what they had to say about their calculators:

Hello Bakers!! We would like to introduce our cake software website and mobile apps. We offer easy to use cake calculators and tools for busy cake makers and businesses.

Below are the details of cake tools and calculators available on the website.

Cake Tier Combinations

This calculator helps you to find possible tier combinations for a given number of servings for multi-tiered, multi-shaped cake. The software does the calculations and guides you in choosing cake tier shapes and sizes when designing a multi-tiered cake, presenting creative options and combinations for building cakes in countless different ways.

You can also see the cake in a “3D Cake Preview” which shows you a visual of how your assembled cake might look like, helping you decide as you go along choosing the best combinations.

Cake Tier Stacker

This is a great tool to assemble a multi-tiered cake with tiers of your choice. It will generate a “3D  Cake Preview”of your cake with total servings and dowel placement guides for each tier.

One of the most important part of stacking multi-tiered cakes is proper dowelling. Where to place the dowels and how many dowels are needed to stabilise each cake tier is a key decision for stability of the cake. Cake tier stacker takes care of this and generates visual dowel guides for each tier for your multi-tiered and multi-shaped cake.

Cake Sketcher

It will help you generate a cake sketch for any combination of cake shapes and sizes with a choice of adding a round or square cake board. So no more drawing cakes sketches by hand, you have a basic template of stacked cake tiers, ready to print. Once printed you can add your designs and colours manually and share your ideas with your clients.

Sugarpaste/Fondant calculator

This tool calculates sugarpaste quantity required for covering a cake. Works with 9 cake shapes and various sizes and also takes height of the cake into consideration.

Ribbon Calculator

This calculator will calculate cost and length of ribbon required to go around around your cake and cake boards.

All the tools work with industry standard portion sizes, most common cake shapes, odd and even  tin sizes.

We hope you will find these cake calculators helpful in cake making process by saving you time, avoiding repetition and thus increasing your efficiency.


About Mobile Apps: (Available on Apple, Android and Amazon app stores)

Cake Stacker Mobile App

This app guides you through the process of designing, calculating and stacking multi-tiered, multi-shaped cakes. Just in a few easy steps you can calculate tier combinations for required servings or build your own cake tiers and view a 3D preview of your cake, including dowels placement guide and fondant quantity required to cover each tier. Choose from four portion sizes. The app supports 10 cake shapes and tin sizes of smallest being 4″ to biggest of 18″.

Cake Slicer Mobile App

This app is the only comprehensive guide to cutting cakes of most cake shapes and sizes into desired portion size. The app provides access to a total of 328 cake cutting guides (Straight line and Concentric circle method) with step by step cutting instructions which can be emailed to your customer from the app. You can choose from 1″x1″, 1″x2″, 1.5″x2″, 2″x2″ portion sizes. No more searching the internet to find cake cutting guides.

More Information about their apps and download links is available at

Written by Baking It, home of cake software and calculators. You can find all the tools and calculators mentioned in the blog at their website

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