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July 6, 2015 is a brilliant new website offering a one-stop-shop service which takes away the pain and pressure of organising an event or function, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate occasion.

Typically customers are tired of chasing vendors and repeating the requirements. And then how to make the right choice? This is the need MyCatering aims to provide a solution for.

Customers simply submit their requirements and budget online once, for all related services (cakes, caterers, venues, entertainers, florists, photographers, limos, etc). Then they simply sit back and wait for vendors to review the job details and only if the vendors think they can do the job for the indicative budget, they’ll contact the customers.

Simple, convenient, effective and best of all free! So how can MyCatering help your business? MyCatering benefits the hospitality industry by levelling the playing field and allowing businesses of all size to grow and prosper by giving them access to a large number of jobs, without having to use expensive marketing campaigns.  The customer jobs are sent to all registered vendors for FREE.  It’s then up to the business to decide if they wish to take on the jobs. Only then do they pay a small flat fee to be one of the 5 vendors who can contact the customer. If they do a good job, it means good customer feedback and more jobs in future.

MyCatering is all about a win-win. Customers win on convenience and informative choice. Vendors win on the most cost-effective way to grow their business.

Free Promotion for ACDN members

For ACDN members, MyCatering are running a special promotion where vendors will pay absolutely nothing for one year! So you don’t even pay the flat fee to contact the customer!  You can trial this great service for no cost at all!

MyCatering’s customers are looking for more cake providers to order cakes for their next function.

Join up now on to get customer jobs sent to you for Free and be part of a rapidly growing community of over 650 vendors who are reaping the benefits.

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