What's inside the Baking Box?

What will be in the box?

The ACDN Baking Box is a monthly subscription of all things Cake and baking related. Each month you'll receive new products, tools and supplies, and some fun goodies too! It's like a present to yourself each month!
Our first 50 subscribers this month will receive the introductory price of $38 per month until June. This INCLUDES shipping Australia wide!!! This is a great way to try out the Baking Box subscription before the monthly price reverts to the standard pricing of $45 per month.

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$38 per month until June for our first 50 subscribers this month!
Monthly subscription price includes SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE!!
Subscription numbers for our introductory price are limited to just 50 boxes this month!
The first 50 subscribers to join this month will receive the boxes for $38 for the first until June. Following this introductory special the monthly payment will revert to the standard monthly price of $45 per month until June. (You will be notified prior to this change!)


You can cancel at any time. You can log in to your PayPal account to cancel, or email hello@acdn.me. You must cancel before the 1st of each month (before that month's box is sent). Once the payment is processed and the box is sent we can not offer a refund for that month and cancellation will be effective from the following month.
Please note, you will always receive new and different items in your Baking Box, however some boxes will include some items included in our recent ACDN Showbags & Baking Boxes as additional goodies in the box. If you would not like to receive these duplicate items you can consider waiting until mid-late 2019 before subscribing. However if you would like to ensure you secure one of the limited 50 spots on our Baking Box Subscription we recommend you subscribe asap! (Also, you can never have too many cake decorating supplies right?!)
When completing the PayPal checkout, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS is correct! This is the address your boxes will be sent to!
You can set up your monthly subscription payment either via your PayPal account or via credit card. Click on the subscription button below to join our monthly subscription!


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