TUTORIAL: Dinosaur Cookies by Martellato

This week on the blog we have a photo tutorial on how to make super cute dinosaur cookies using the Martellato dinosaur cutters (available through theACDN’s online shop)

1. Take the cookie cutter you’d like to use

2. Make cookies using cutter. Roll out fondant.

2. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shape, and press to get the impression on the fondant

4. Stick fondant to cookie

5. Airbrush if desired

6. Add embellishments as desired, including eyes, mouth and spots.

Very effective and easy!

See more of the Italian-made Martellato range pictured below. These products and more are available for presale now in our online store, Cake! Shop

(All images used with permission from Martellato, Italian Cake Art)

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