NSW Cake Camp


Last weekend a group of 60 decorators joined us at NSW Cake Camp! NSW Cake Camp is run by the Australian Cake Decorating Network and our NSW Camp was sponsored by the awesome team at Cake Decorating Central. This year’s Cake Camp was held at the stunning Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains.


We had 8 courses (4 courses each day):


Beginner & Advanced Royal Icing Cookie courses with Julia Day of Miss Biscuit



Modeling a head and bust and gravity defying monkey with Nicholas Ang of The White Ombre



Wedding Elements Masterclass and Concept to Cake with Alisha Henderson of Sweet Bakes



Striped buttercream with sweet toppings with Katherine Sabbath



Thank you to everyone who joined us for the weekend! We would also like to thank the absolutely amazing team at Cake Decorating Central! Kylie and Lou helped us in organising all the supplies required for the 8 courses over the Cake Camp weekend and even brought a pop-up shop to Cake Camp for our Campers to stock up on supplies!


Here’s the gorgeous venue

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Early morning yoga session

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Cake Decorating Central Pop Up Shop

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Look who’s arrived! Katherine Sabbath!

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Alisha Henderson in action in her wedding
elements class

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Delicate ruffles and silver leaf in the Wedding
Elements class

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Alisha Henderson treated her class to a
lunch break activity on the resort’s train!

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Watch the video below!

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Katherine Sabbath teaching her students how to make chocolate bark!

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Beautifully bright chocolate bark and shards made by students!

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Striped Swiss meringue buttercream

[su_frame align=”center”]13109138_1715942948686975_628575637_n[/su_frame]

We’re loving the new Kenwood Chef Sense Colour! Perfect peaks everytime!

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[su_frame align=”center”]13108907_130279970711352_215953144_n[/su_frame]

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Katherine Sabbath and students

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Cookie decorating fun in Julia Day’s royal icing cookies class!

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A room full of Janet O’Sullivan models came to life in Nicholas Ang’s class!

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Dinner at NSW Cake Camp

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A big thank you to Kenwood and CSR Sugar for our gorgeous table centrepieces and goodies!

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[su_frame align=”center”]13225145_10153759315081785_1867000713_o[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13224105_10153759315246785_1189554151_o[/su_frame]

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Cake-Off Challenge at NSW Cake Camp


We chose a creation from each decorator and decided to make it a bit more interesting by getting each decorator to make the other decorator’s designs, in just 30 minutes!

[su_frame align=”center”]13233184_10153759315316785_1017061444_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13236098_10153759315276785_2071884717_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13219758_10153759315536785_1758601233_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13231221_10153759315611785_723340952_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13233389_10153759315486785_882436895_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13219835_10153759315466785_1624882411_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13181128_10153759315326785_1278278365_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13140879_10153759315346785_1726327116_n (1)[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13245855_10153759315431785_1530087739_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13236019_10153759315661785_1940964017_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13233311_10153759315706785_75048522_n[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]13231138_10153759315381785_313511417_n[/su_frame]

Nicholas Ang and his helper Jo McIntosh took out the ACDN Cake-off Challenge title!

[su_frame align=”center”]13233453_10153759315746785_889232490_n[/su_frame]

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Thank you again to all who joined us on NSW Cake Camp!


We hope that you had a lot of fun, learned something new from our amazing teachers and made some new friends!


For those who weren’t able to join us on NSW Cake Camp, don’t worry! We have two more ACDN events coming up:

9th July – Melbourne Cake Crawl
10th September – Sydney Cake Crawl.

We promise they will be more full days of learning, fun, great food and
great company!

Bring your cake friends or make some new like-minded friends on the day! More details at bit.ly/ACDNevents

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