New Insurance Discount from Red Star Insurance Brokers

There are a lot of different types of cake decorating insurance policies available, and as with all insurance policies, the coverage and inclusions vary. Make sure you know what you’re covered (and not covered) for!
Red Star Insurance Brokers have released a new insurance rate for ACDN members and non-members with great value and comprehensive cover.   

Comprehensive Cake Decorating Insurance

$189/year for ACDN members

$289/year for ACDN members

Become an ACDN member BEFORE YOU TAKE OUT THE INSURANCE POLICY and save $100, which is more than the ACDN membership fee! Not only will you get cheaper insurance, you can also take advantage of the other discounts and benefits on offer to ACDN members.   Click HERE to see the full list of ACDN member benefits!
This table shows how their insurance compares in value and coverage to other policies available.


For more information, read our interview with Red Star Insurance Brokers below.


The Australian Cake Decorating Network receives a small commission paid by Red Star Insurance Brokers. Receiving commission allows us to continue to source and promote great deals such as this to our members and non-members. The commission payment is paid by Red Star Insurance Brokers and does not affect your policy rate. We only promote products and services that we use and love ourselves, and Red Star Insurance Brokers is one of them!

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