Make your Own Mold with Silicone Plastique

How many times have we all gone to our treasure troves of cake decorating molds, only to rummage through for hours on end before realising you don’t own the mold you’re looking for?!

The answer to your problems lies in this little box!

 Our team at ACDN thought why not use the amazing product Silicone Plastique to make our own unique molds, it’s easier than you might think.

Made in the USA and available from Cakes Around Town, this food grade putty comes as two separate clay like mediums that need to be measured out in equal parts.

Choose the subject that you plan to cast, it can be pretty much anything from material to plastic toys, we have chosen a brooch.

Knead the two separate colours together until there’s no streaks left- they’re actually coloured in white and blue so you can easily tell once it’s combined properly and ready to use.

Now it’s time to get down to the mold making- we start by pressing the putty into the intricate parts of our brooch so that the detail is defined.

Once the face is covered we press the brooch into a rolled out piece of putty- this must be at least twice the thickness of your subject.

We don’t know about you but patience is our weakness, however the mold now needs to sit at room temperature for at least an hour until completely set.

After an hour of pacing back and forth its time to pop out the brooch and our mold is ready to be loaded up with fondant! Just give the mold a little dust of cornflour or icing sugar to stop the fondant sticking.

Here comes the exciting part – popping out the fondant to reveal a masterpiece.

Add luster dust or glitter to make exquisite decorations with a difference.

Try using gumpaste or even chocolate with your Silicone Plastique mold for unique twist.
This method of mold making is fun, easy and is only limited to your imagination. You can try casting many different objects, even making lace molds for sugarveil, but our favourite is being able to replicate a bride’s special wedding jewels to have on her cake!

Blog post written by Marianna Saran for the Australian Cake Decorating Network

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