November 2017 ACDN Member of the Month: Dale Gerke of A Little Nonsense Cakes

Our ACDN Member of the Month for November is

Dale Gerke of A Little Nonsense Cakes

When did you start cake decorating? 

I have always loved to bake however it was only when an aunt of mine brought my eldest son a wonderful, 3D ladybird cake for his third birthday that I discovered a passion for cake decorating. I studied Art and Design after leaving high school, and Patisserie later in life. Cake decorating is basically just combining the two!  I had modelled with clay, painted and sketched my whole life, but suddenly I discovered I can do all these things with food! Such a fun medium! I have three young boys, 9, 10 and 11 years old and started out making cakes for them, their friends and family, and now it is my full time business.

What is the most enjoyable part of running your cake decorating business?

Working for myself is great as I have creative control over all aspects of my work. I love being able to experiment with new ideas and techniques. And although there are many early mornings and late nights working on cakes, it also means my time is very flexible for my children, as I am a single parent. The very best part though is when your customers see what you have created for them. It is so joyful to see their reaction. Everyone is always so happy to see you, as you come bearing fun treats!

What is your preferred style of cake to create?

I love fun, bright whimsical novelty cakes, hand painted cakes and fandom cakes. Anything that allows me to be creative!

Do you prefer to create cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other baked goods?

I prefer to make cakes, however I would love to delve into cookies. I need a holiday so I can experiment!

Could you share some tips with others who are considering starting out in cake decorating?

Best thing I did was  to take a short course in small business. It helped me with pricing, marketing and a business plan. It is easy to get lost in the fun part of cake decorating and not really know how to turn that into an income.

Do you work in your cake decorating business full time?

I do work full time with my cake decorating business. It is very hard work, but I truly feel like I have my dream job and I feel very lucky. My son’s say that it’s not fair that I just get to stay home and do arts and crafts all day. Funny and true!

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