Introducing Cakers Warehouse Colour Mill

Our Preferred Supplier Cakers Warehouse have recently launched Colour Mill - a food colouring like no other!

Read below to find out all about this great new product!

There’s a new Food Colour in town.. It’s called Colour Mill and everyone at Cakers is absolutely nuts for it!

So how does it work?
“Unlike conventional gel colours, our unique blend loves the fats & oils in your baking.
We dye and disperse our colouring using these oils, allowing you to achieve a rich & vibrant result.
Best in Buttercream, Swiss Meringue, Chocolate, Cake Batter, Ganache, Fondant & many more”.

The Science behind Colour Mill
Most colourings are water-based gels. Manufacturers mix water, thickeners and colour together to create their product.
Have they worked? Yes.
Do they still work? Kinda.

Since ‘The Age of Buttercream’ we’re finding that colourings are becoming less effective in our baking.
Let’s take Swiss Meringue Buttercream for example..
40% of your SMBC recipe is Butter (oil) and you’re adding gel colouring (water) to dye it?
We all know that water and oil can’t mix.. So why are we doing it!?
Your gel colour will dye the sugar in your buttercream (40%) but will it dye the butter? No. So you’re adding your gel which can only dye 60% of remaining product and wondering why the results aren’t great.

Here’s where Colour Mill steps in.
The forumla is completely oil based, this allows the colouring to disperse through the sugar, eggs, and yep.. You guessed it.. Butter!
The colouring will dye every part of your Buttercream allowing you to achieve deep, dark and vibrant colours.

It’s simple really.

Not only will it dye Buttercream, Colour Mill is brilliant in Chocolate, Cake Batter, Ganache, Fondant & so many other kinds of baking!

Allergen Free*
Halal Suitable
Kosher Suitable

Booster Colour Enhance

  • Helps disperse your colour and dye more evenly
  • Emulsifies (allows different types of ingredients to mix)
  • Improves fluidity in chocolate (similar to cocoa butter)
  • Add gel colouring to chocolate by mixing with Booster (approx 3 parts booster to 1 part gel).

If you’re struggling to achieve vibrant results in your buttercream & baking, add Booster to help emulsify and get the most from your colours. Booster allows your colour to mix through the oils in your baking.

What is it?
‘Booster colour enhance’ does exactly that. It is used to intensify your colour through emulsification. By adding booster, you will achieve a deep colour using less colouring.
It’s magic (almost).

*If using Colour Mill colours to dye, you will not need Booster. This product is designed to improve less effective products.*

Whitener that actually works!

Just like the colourings, the Colour Mill White will dye both the sugar AND the butter/oils in your baking. When you have a colour with the ability to dye and disperse throught every ingredient, you’re guaranteed the best result.

Will it go grainy like powder titanium?
Our colours go through a specialised milling process which grinds the powder into an ultra smooth liquid, leaving you with a grain free paste perfect for colouring.

Does it leave a taste?
Due to the way our colours disperse through your icing & chocolate, you require far less colouring which minimises any after taste from the dye. Gel colourings are unable to dye the oils which leads to over use of whiteners which can leave a bad taste or texture.

You can find Colour Mill at our Preferred Suppliers Cakers Warehouse, don’t forget to use your ACDN member discount code!

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