Please make sure images submitted are: – High resolution – Without watermarks (credit will be given alongsige image in e-mag) – No licensed characters i.e. Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine – Photographed well, no cluttered backgrounds, good lighting etc. – Fit the theme for this issue  Thank you for taking the time to submit your work for ACDN Cake! We appreciate your contributions and look forward to showcasing your work to our readers! By selecting the Submit button, you’re agreeing to the following: Your Contributions are your own work, your own original design or if your work is inspired by another designer you’ve included their name in the ‘Inspired by’ field on the submission form, The photos you are contributing are your own, or you have permission from the photographer to use them. Please insure you include the full name, Facebook page, Website and email for the photographer so we can credit them, Your submitted tutorial or recipe is your own work, or if your work is inspired by another decorator, designer, recipe or other, you have included their name in the ‘Inspired by’ field, You understand that photographs that don’t meet our Contributor Guidelines may not be included in our publications, You give the Australian Cake Decorating Network permission to publish any or all of the photos and editorial that you have submitted for ACDN Cake!, and you have read and accept our full Contributor Guidelines. Please note, cakes of licensed products can not be included in the magazine, i.e. Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine etc.

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