Crystal Katana Review

Crystal Katana

Available from Cake Decorating Solutions

Placing cachous and dragees on cakes and cookies has always been a painstaking, time-consuming task. I always found that tweezers don’t grip the pearls easily, which means the kitchen is covered in stray sugar balls for weeks at a time. I also found that if I did manage to grip a pearl and place it on the cake, I would invariably poke tweezer marks in to my cake. Other devices have been manufactured but their reliance on every pearl being perfectly uniform in size (which they never are!) meant that I was reluctant to invest in one.

When I came across the Crystal Katana I was intrigued by its simple design. Surely something so unassuming couldn’t live up to its promise of perfect pearl placement. I mean, other gadgets involve a trigger system and hopper – and this just looked like a double-ended pen. Was it too good to be true?

I’m happy to report that this is indeed a very handy little tool.

The tool itself is double ended, with one end for picking up cachous and the other for pressing them in. It comes in a handy case, along with a larger sized adapter to press in larger cachous, as well as some sterilising wipes, a syringe and a small silicon mat with holes to hold the cachous.

The Crystal Katana definitely worked best with harder pearls rather than softer sprinkles (such as jimmies). Putting too much pressure on the jimmies tended to shatter them, but I was able to use the tool with jimmies to some degree. It worked well for placing jimmies, nonpareils, star candies and cachous on my sprinkle drip cake. I found that because my ganache drip was quite tacky I didn’t need to switch ends and press the sprinkles in.

I was really impressed when I used the Crystal Katana for placing cachous on a quilted piece of fondant. The pearl holder was really handy for keeping them from running all over my kitchen. I did find that with the fondant I did need to use the other end to press the cachous in.

This really is a handy little device to have in your cake kit. Anything that saves time (and my sanity) is a winner with me!

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