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Karen Stack


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How and when did you get started in Cake decorating?

I was a guest at my friend’s party where she had made a Wiggles cake for her daughter. It was covered in fondant and I was in awe of this cake! I didn’t even know what fondant was back then. The following year when my son turned 3, I made him a space themed cake. It was literally just covered (badly) in black fondant with yellow stars – on wires! Eeeek!! I’d been interested in Art & Design since High School. I went on to study Graphic Design at TAFE with the hopes of making it a career, but sadly it did not eventuate. I was instantly hooked in the world of cake decorating and began taking classes to further my interest and refine my skills.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is making my kids proud. I think they actually believe that I am some sort of cake superstar – and I’m ok with that!! It makes all the hours spent in the kitchen worth it.

What is your favourite style of cake to create?

My style is very minimalistic. I believe that less is more and that every element needs to be finished perfectly. I enjoy the variety that decorating children’s cakes brings.

Who is your cake idol?

I don’t have any particular cake idol as such. I love seeing work from Jacki Fanto of Blissfully Sweet and Loan Cao from A Pocket Full of Sweetness come up in my social media newsfeed. Their cakes are uniquely theirs and are instantly recognisable. I have a cake crush on Vicky Rodriguez of Dulcita Cakes. We’ve never met but I believe we may be soul cake sisters!!

What did you do prior to making cakes?

I was employed in the Legal Industry for 18 years in various roles from Reception & Bookkeeping through to Office Management. I left that role when my second child was born. I’m now a busy mum to an 11 and 8 year old and currently working from home.

What is the one tool you can't live without?

Clean sharp cutting tools!

Have you ever had any cake disasters?

I haven’t had a cake disaster, rather a cake delivery disaster! I’m a planner. I Googled my route and was confident I knew where I was going. I happily loaded the cake into the car and went on my way. I jumped onto the Freeway and travelled for about half an hour before I realised my exit wasn’t approaching – I’d headed in the opposite direction on the Freeway. Panic stricken I turned around. Thank goodness I’m always early, I wasn’t too late for delivery. My husband purchased me a GPS the very next day!

Can you share a piece of advice you'd give to someone starting out in Cake decorating?

My best piece of advice would be to enjoy what you do. Find your niche and do it well. Don’t try to conform to what is popular if it’s not your ‘thing’. Discover your own style and be proud of it.

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