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Learn how to create a woodgrain effect using Renshaw fondant with Vincent Goh.


Vincent Goh


Van Goh Cakes


Melbourne, Australia


How and when did you get started in Cake decorating?

I was introduced to “Cake Boss” by my boss at work, and it sparked an interest in cake decorating. In 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution to sign up to a cake decorating course, and here I am now!

What is your greatest achievement?

I made a flying pig cake for a cake competition interstate despite being ill, and I was even surprised at myself for completing it, shipping it interstate and to have won the hearts of all of my peers in the industry.

What is your favourite style of cake to create?

My style usually involves sugar flowers and painting.

Who is your cake idol?

I love decorators with versatility and innovation, and mine is Liz Marek from Sugar Geek Show and Jacki Fanto from Blissfully Sweet

What do you do for work as well as making cakes?

I’m an aged care pharmacist.

What is the one tool you can't live without?

My paintbrushes!

Have you ever had any cake disasters?

I had an order which I had mixed up the dates – it was a week earlier than what I had in my head, and it was three days left before delivery then! I had to start the baking straight away and had it all ready by Saturday, I’m so glad my customer loved it anyway.

Can you share a piece of advice you'd give to someone starting out in Cake decorating?

Skills are not acquired by the number of times you did something well, but the times you failed doing it. Be prepared to learn from those mistakes to improve yourself.


Cake decorating can be an expensive hobby, so be realistic with what you really need and have fun!

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