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Jacki Fanto


Blissfully Sweet


Sydney, Australia


How and when did you get started in Cake decorating?

Unofficially, 2004, officially 2009!

What is your favourite style of cake to create?

Something fun, colourful and unique. Something that is modern but with a point of difference.

What cake trends do you see coming in the next 12 months

Continuing on from more inspiration from nature and more texture, texture, texture. Hopefully less naked, naked, naked!

Who is your cake idol?

No one person. This cake industry is growing second by second and there are so many new people to admire every day.

What did you do prior to making cakes?

Prior to making cakes I was an event and marketing manager. Which has actually come in handy for what I do now!

What is the one tool you can't live without?

My Agbay, paints, and modelling tools. Everything else I like to multipurpose and find new ways to do things.

Have you ever had any cake disasters?

Of course. But they are the best ways to learn. From those mistakes, you learn how to problem solve and try different things that sometimes work out even better than your first option.

Can you share a piece of advice you'd give to someone starting out in Cake decorating?

Always try and be you. Find a point of difference that makes you unique and don’t try and be someone else. Don’t try and kill yourself and make cakes for everyone. It will never thank you back in the end and you never, ever produce your best work. Remember life is too short for ugly cake!

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