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Amanda Lee


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How and when did you get started in Cake decorating?

Being a classically trained pastry chef, baking has always been an avid passion of mine. I never ever thought though I would specialise in designer cakes as I thought I lacked the patience for such intricate designs! So instead, I always leaned towards lil French pasties & plated desserts. However, a short sabbatical in 2012 saw me dabble with fondant when a friend asked me if I could make him a customised cake. So I jumped on good ol’ Google and signed up to some online classes and it spiraled into this big, crazy, amazing adventure in the cake world!

What is your greatest achievement?

Seeing a student’s face light up when they’ve learnt a skill that they’ve been struggling with for a while. It’s the teacher gene in me (my mom was a teacher too). So that’s really the best feeling. Apart from that, winning the Grand Prize in Threadcakes 2016 was pretty massive for me too.

What is your favourite style of cake to create?

Hands down, I love creating painted cakes. Also, anything contemporary with lots of modern elements & sharp edges. I’m a sharp edged freak!

What cake trends do you see coming in the next 12 months ?

Buttercream is going to continue rocking on and I think extra tall, slender cakes will grow in popularity,

Who is your cake idol?

I would say Mayen Orido, Shawna McGreevy & Jessica Harris. I look up to people who are not only amazing artists, but also people with generous characters. These ladies are all heart and I so admire that.

Have you ever had any cake disasters?

Oh yeaaaah… I had a wedding cake totally fall over (thanks Mr Cyclist who zipped out in front of me whilst I was making a turn). It was HORRIBLE. Buttercream and crumbs everywhere. And it was for a fancy pants high-end stylist event. Thankfully I packed along an emergency kit with extra buttercream. I basically re-frosted the entire cake on site and at the end of it, everyone was none the wiser!

Can you share a piece of advice you'd give to someone starting out in Cake decorating?

Never stop learning, always learn, always experiment, never settle.
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