Sunday Slice: Cutter Craft Acrylic Cookie Rolling Guides

Crafting the perfect cookie to cover can be the ultimate challenge. I have lost count of the hours I have spent rolling cookie dough, trying to achieve a uniform thickness to pop out some pretty shapes. It’s usually a lost cause with my dough somewhat resembling a steep driveway, that then burns on one end during cooking while still being rather raw at the other.

Melbourne based business Cutter Craft must have realised I wasn’t the only person to encounter such a conundrum. They have created the ultimate cookie tool and it’s personally my new favourite!

These clear acrylic cookie rolling guides might not look like much, but let me tell you- by using these you’re guarantee even cookies every time.

These are for the serious baker, measuring 600mm in length. They are available in three thicknesses including 2mm, 3mm and – to achieve my ideal cookie thickness – 6mm!

These dough rolling guides are not just limited to cookie dough either, they could be used for fondant, gingerbread house walls or even rolling out muesli bar batter.

Simply place some baking paper on your bench (I do this so I don’t have to add extra flour to my dough) and add the cookie strips on either side.

Pop your cookie dough in the middle and start to roll.

Keep using that elbow grease until your rolling pin is rolling flush on the cookie strips, it doesn’t take long at all- so quick and easy.

With the (not so) tedious part out of the way, it’s time for the fun part! Summer is just around the corner, so I’m using these fun ice cream and popsicle shaped cutters that are part of a new range from Cutter Craft.

Once my cookies are on a tray I set in the freezer for 5 minutes to help them retain their shape while cooking. If you’re looking for a really good cookie recipe you’ll find some HERE on the Cutter Craft website.

Fresh from the oven *sigh* can you smell that vanilla? Look at my perfectly even cookie stacks, what more could a decorator ask for?

As the weather starts to heat up I was inspired to create some cuteness using two of my favourite flavours, meet Miss Matcha ice cream and Miss Blueberry choc popsicle.

Cutter Craft acrylic rolling guides would definitely be a wonderful investment for any cookier. Who wouldn’t want these babies when you have the guarantee of uniform cookies, while saving you lots of time? I created my cookies using the 3mm rolling guide.

To pick up your own sets of rolling guides visit their website here.

We’re excited to announce we have a set of Cutter Craft acrylic guides in each of our ACDN showbags, on sale on our stand (F07) this weekend! 


Blog post written by Marianna Saran of Marianna’s Caking Me Crazy

As a former news journalist and mother of two, Marianna Saran has taken her passion for writing and cake decorating and transformed herself into a new aged cake journalist. She loves to blog about her cake and cookie creations and tries to push herself to explore new mediums of decorating, even though some are quite intimidating at times. Interviewing renowned cake decorators from across the globe gives her a spark of inspiration as she hears their stories. It reminds her that in life all you need is love from your family and friends, a cookie in one hand and a piece of cake in the other! Sit back and enjoy the journey as you follow Marianna on a roller coaster of sugary creations! Check out what else Marianna is up to at her Blog and on Facebook

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