SUNDAY SLICE: Cakes Against Violence

Cakes Against Violence

Cake Against Violence is a collaboration that came after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris. 80 cake artists came together to celebrate peace.

You can see more of this wonderful collaboration on the Facebook page HERE

The ladies who put together Cake Against Violence:


Bouchra Marir, Paris, Sweet Creations Cakes


Djamila Tahar, Marseille , DT Cakes


Aurelie Cognet, Lyon, Les Fées gourmandes

We are 3 friends who have been very touched by the last attacks in Paris.

The urge of organising this collaboration came after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris on 13th November 2015. A date we will never forget. And as in the latest years many attacks happened in several cities, we wanted to spread a message of peace, solidarity and anti-violence by making a sugar creation to bring more sweetness in this mad world.

So we started to involve persons we knew and others using Facebook groups. The magazine also  helped us a lot to find members all around the world
We were proud to organize such a big and meaningful collaboration and we had only one month to set up all.

Finally 80 cake decorators around the world joined us by making a sugar creation for this beautiful cause of peace. We wanted a fantastic tribute for world peace, and end to futile violence and for unity between the nations.

Here are all of the cakes from the collaboration. They are all amazing so please go to Cakes Against Violence Facebook page to view the entire collaboration.




ACDN Member Merryn Holder is one of the artists who contributed to this fantastic tribute for world peace!



Merryn Holder, Cake Goddess Australia


You can see the full collection of cakes from Cakes Against Violence on Facebookand their website


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