PRODUCT REVIEW: Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp

Written by Marianna Saran

The Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp Edger could quite possibly be the most ingenious invention the cake decorating industry will see this year. These tools aim to help cake decorators perfect their ganaching technique and create flawless sharp edges on both round and square cakes.

Their creator, Lisa Christie, has been in the cake decorating industry for 10 years. Lisa told the Australian Cake Decorating Network the original idea came to her after a series of conversations, “The same two topics would always come up with fellow decorators, with questions always being asked about ganache issues and not being able to achieve sharp edges on their fondant cakes”.

After trying a variety of products that were already on the market that failed to meet her expectations for great results, Lisa immediately went to work. “I wanted to make a product that is beneficial to me, professional decorators and hobbyists alike. I wanted everyone to be able to achieve the best results they can, in the fastest time possible” she said.

Lisa’s sets have involved months of planning, testing prototypes and perfecting them, and now they have been launched and are available internationally.

Made in Australia, The Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp edger have created frenzy in the industry, with decorators across the globe wanting to get their hands on a set. Lisa said she has been overwhelmed with the response “Interest has gone as far as international pastry chefs in well-known hotels wanting them for their kitchens to speed up productivity”.

So what can The Cake Halo do?
The Australian Cake Decorating Team put it to the test.

The Cake Halo allowed us to make an even 6mm lid of ganache to put on top of our cake. In under a minute we had a perfectly flat ganache lid in three easy steps.

1 .Pop the ganache In the middle.

2. Spread out the ganache.

3. Use a scrapper to level and done.

After setting aside in the fridge for half an hour we simply ran a knife around the inside and popped out our lid. The best part- you can make your ganache lids in advance and store them. You can also make ganache discs for cake filling, imagine that! Perfect even discs of filling!

The Halo itself can also be used as a template for cutting slab cakes out or as a template for fake fondant cake lids also! The Halo also comes with an internal acrylic circle to help when applying ganache to the sides of the cake.

The Sugar Sharp Edger

The Sugar Sharp Edger is the partner of The Cake Halo and will finish off your cake to perfection. It allows a cake decorator to achieve sharp edges in minutes by placing the Acrylic plate tool on top of the cake and by using a traditional fondant smoother around the sides of the cake.

The Acrylic plate covers the entire cake and protects it from finger nails, tools and carelessness allowing a perfect and flawless finish to the cake in a short amount of time. This is also a perfect tool for beginners.

Using the Sugar Sharp Edger you can also achieve a smooth and level top to your cake in one circling motion which smooths the entire cake top at once.

Check out The Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp Edger being used in motion HERE!

While trying to keep up with the demand for her new products, Lisa is also busy back in the lab “I am hoping to continue my range with a few more tools that I am in the process of developing”

To see the range of products available including The Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp Edger visit:

The Cake Halo and Sugar Sharp Edger will also be available from Cake Decorating Solutions in the coming weeks.

Written by Marianna Saran for the Australian Cake Decorating Network.
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