Peacock Feather Construction Tutorial by Bake Boss


This week on the blog we featured this beautiful Peacock Feather tutorial created by the team at Bake Boss for the Australian Cake Decorating Network blog.


1.  Ensure your Feather Mould is clean and dry before use.


2. Roll out some white gum paste very thin. Place your Feather Mould upside down on top of the gum paste and press down firmly to form an impression. 


3. Remove the mould and using a scalpel, neatly cut around the outer edge of the impression left behind from the mould.


4.  Place the cut out gum paste back into the mould, impression side down.  Take a small ball of corn-floured gum paste and press the feather cut-out into the mould cavity.


5.  If you would like to wire your feather, wet along the center strip of the feather with a little water using a small brush and place a 20 gauge wire 3/4 along the length of the feather.


6. Hold the wire in place by backing the wire with a thin ribbon of gum paste and water.


7.  Turn your feather out onto your cutting mat and using a shell tool feather the edges. Use your scalpel to separate some of the fibers. Over-lapping them can make your feather look softer and more delicate. Allow to air dry for 6 hours before colouring.


8.  Colour in your desired medium to give your feather a nice realistic look. Here we used rose spirit hydrated Barco petal dusts. Now your feather is COMPLETE! Allow a further 24 hours to dry in a dry room before removing your feather from the mat.


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