Michelle Green: The Business of Baking goes on TOUR!

We recently caught up with Michelle Green from The Business of Baking. She and Sharon Wee are taking the show on the road this year with the Business of Baking Tour!  Here’s what Michelle had to say about the tour:

In 2014, take your baking dreams to a whole new level by coming with the Business of
Baking on Tour! We’re going to Australia and the US and we’d love for you to join us!
Do you own, or wish you owned, your very own baking business? Your own little slice of the Universe where you sell your gorgeous creations and people actually pay you real money to do it?

Does this sound familiar?
• You’re sick of working for someone else
• You watch a lot of cake shows. A lot of them. More than is probably healthy.
• Your friends are all telling you to go into business
• You’ve got so many cake toys that you’ve run out of cupboard space
• You are getting a reputation as “the cake lady” and people are starting to ask if you
take orders
• You are working out of your home kitchen, but it’s not registered or its just too small
• You can envision a better life for yourself, and that includes being your own boss

Or maybe this sounds familiar:
• Without realising it, you’ve suddenly got a business name, a facebook page, a
business card…but you can’t remember when you actually made the decision to go
into business in the first place
• You’re up until 2am making hundreds of flower petals, knowing you’ve got to be up
at 7 to go to work at your ‘real job’
• You want to grow your business but lack the business knowledge to do so
• The money you’re earning from baking you’re then spending on baking supplies
• You love your baking business (such as it is), but you’re overworked,
overwhelmed,and still not making enough money to call it a “real” business

If any of that sounds familiar, then joining us on Tour is for you.
It’s time for you to take your business to the next level. Out of your head and into the real world, or out of your kitchen and into the real world.
The Business of Baking On Tour is like getting your own, personalised MBA in the baking industry. The kind of knowledge you’ll never get anywhere else. Industry specific, fun, useful and most of all … designed to help you get to exactly where you want to go in life AND in business.

Over two jam packed days and ten weeks of e-learning, you’ll experience a series of
discussions and activities which will teach you precisely what you need to know to truly be successful in this crazy, fabulous industry. Why are we able to teach you so much?
Because we’ve been there, done that, and delivered the cake to prove it.

We’re keeping each Tour group very small so that we can give you as much personalised attention as possible. This is not just an airy-fairy course where we’re going to teach you a bunch of basic stuff and let you figure the rest out. This is the real deal. Real business, real life, real success. If you’re wondering, “Yes, but what exactly am I going to learn?”

We’re going to cover the following ten topics:
• Business Planning and Purpose – where are you going and why you’re going there
• Time Management – in your business, in your kitchen, in your life
• Communication Skills – with your staff, your suppliers, your competition
• Marketing – including social media, business development • Systems – what are they and how to create them
• Finance – how to find some, how much you might need
• Professionalism and etiquette – how not to be “that guy”
• Finding your niche – working out your style,design and point of difference
• Pricing – the single biggest thing you need to master to succeed
• Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – finally figuring out that work/life balance thing
(and probably a few other bits and pieces along the way)

So now we’ve taught you, over two massive days, all the ins-and-outs of what we know –
but then you’ll walk away, head spinning, left to figure it out on your own.
NO. This doesn’t work that way.

We started this course because we believe in the power of mentoring, sharing, teaching and inspiring. Once you walk out the door on the last day of class, you’re not going to be left to flail about on your own. We’re with you for the long haul, so once you graduate you’re still going to experience:
• The TEN WEEK e-course. Ten weeks of support from us via weekly communication.
A few weeks after the course ends you’ll be getting a once-a-week email which will
reinforce what we learned in class. Some follow up information, a few videos to
watch, some exercises to help you make progress in the areas you’re struggling
with, and a gentle prod to remind you about what we learned. We want to help you
keep the momentum up!
• An online forum in which you can (in a friendly, supportive way) get advice,
feedback and support from your fellow Tour mates
• Two webinars in which you can ask specific questions, get some hand-holding, and
speak to us live.
• The opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching

Owning a small business in a highly competitive industry is damn hard work.
We know.
We’ve been there.
We’ve done that.
We think you can do it, too.
We want you to come along for the ride.

Your enrolment in the BoB Tour includes ALL of the following:
• 2 full days of teaching and mentoring
• 10 weeks of follow up instruction
• 2 webinars so you can keep in touch with us
• A workbook to use during the class and reference later
• Activities designed to get you making real progress on your dreams and bring our
business lessons to life
• Online forum to continue the conversation going
• Graduation certificate
• Catering provided for all days of the course
• The opportunity to hear from local success stories
• As much business education, mentoring and love as you can handle

Interested in joining us? Visit our website HERE

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