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It’s Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and I suspect this is the particular review you have ALL been waiting for. The Agbay Junior! When I contacted Maureen Agbay regarding this opportunity she was extremely humbled that in Australia her product is so well regarded and very generously gave us 1 to giveaway to our followers.

Product Details

Agbay Junior
Cuts up to a 12 inch cake including 1/2 sheet cakes
Height adjustments from 1/4″ up to 4 1/2″ high
Same high quality materials and workmanship as the Professional Agbay Cake Leveler
Easily upgrades to the Double Blade Leveler
Wide foot design provides stability insuring flat and parallel cuts every time.  Feet glide easily over work surface for cutting ease without marring your counter top
Ideal for the professional making smaller cakes to compliment the larger Agbay Levelers
Compact design is convenient for travel
Includes cleaning tool and blade guard
Overall Dimensions:  18” long  x  7” high x  4” wide
Product RRP $235
A bit of background on Agbay Products.
People often ask what AGBAY stands for.  It’s the owners names Maureen & Tony Agbay. They founded Agbay Products with one goal: to provide customers with the very best cake cutting tools they’ll ever use.
With four versions of the Agbay Levelers now available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.
To do this review I roped in my good friend Danni from My Sweet Sister in Melbourne and together with a photo from Sugar High Desserts as inspiration we hit the kitchen. Ok well Danni hit the kitchen. Prebaking 2 x 6in white muds and a fresh batch of swiss meringue buttercream.
Just to put this creative decorating experience into context here in Melbourne it was 42c the day this review was done so we think we accomplished something pretty amazing.
First stop was to unwrap and set up the Agbay which was very simple and easy to do using the very detailed instructions you receive.
We then looked at the product in awe for some time a little too scared to touch it and when Danni did she managed to prick herself on the blade ‘caution SUPER sharp’.
I can confirm there were no further injuries during the making of this review!
Ok lets do it, so out came the cakes. We measured up the height so we had exactly right position and off went the top. Just like that! Wowee, that was quick, smooth and utterly perfect. Again we stood in awe of what the Agbay had just done.
We then remeasured and leveled the next layer of the cake. So perfect!
Then we simply repeated on the second cake. Check this out. 4 perfectly leveled cakes just waiting to be stacked.
We then used the special tool provided to give the blade a nice clean and packed it up safely out of harms way.
At this point I had to quickly duck out now and pick my daughter up from work and drop her at a friends, so in my absence Danni layered up the cake and this is what I came back to. Amazing!
I now completely understand the hype. How I ever managed life without one of these I have no idea. Actually I do. So many less than perfect cakes that I hacked at with my cheap dodgy leveler or just cut with a bread knife. They never ended up looking like this.
We then finished covering the cake and did our best Katherine Sabbath with a lovely dark chocolate drizzle. Now for the fun part!
Neither of us have ever done an Unbirthday/Sugar High Dessert Inspired cake so we were a little excited at the non pressure (as it wasn’t for a customer) and just had some fun putting it together. 2 eyes are better than one and this is what we came up with!
Side note: Do you think I could find a Toffee Apple at any of my local supermarkets. Um no! So what does any talented (hehe) baker do when they cant buy what they want. Make it of course! So I proceeded to make a batch of Toffee Apples for the first time in my life in 42c heat. Lets just say only 1 survived but doesn’t it look great on the cake!
We were extremely happy with our efforts.
Next we decided that given we were actually reviewing the Agbay Junior we needed to cut the cake so you could all see how perfect the layers were on the inside so sadly we took a knife to our beautiful creation. It was well worth it though, look at those layers.
The verdict on the Agbay Junior ‘The Agbay Junior was quick, effective and perfect everytime! A must have piece of equipment for all hobbiest and professional bakers. I promise it will save you many tears over the years (that is unless you accidently prick yourself on that super sharp blade so be careful)’
Thanks again to Danni for all your help.


Agbay Products are giving one lucky reader their very own Agbay Junior! All you have to do is answer one simple question.


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