ANZAC Day: A sweet tribute

Anzac Day 100 years on, a sweet tribute is a collaboration of cake decorators from New Zealand and Australia who showcased their talent and art by honouring our Anzacs through cake.

You can see more of this wonderful tribute on the Facebook page HERE.

Below are just a selection of the incredible contributions, along with a few words from the artist about their piece:

“My Great Grandfather Edgar Herbert Briston Preston Thomas served as a private in the New Zealand Army from 1914 to 1918. He was wounded in the Dardenelles (Gallipoli) but survived and went on to meet his wife Winifred Florence Brealey in London who was a Lieutenant in the Queen Mary’s Woman’s Auxillary Corps in the Transport Division. They married and emigrated to New Zealand in 1919. My nana was their second born daughter and from knowing her my whole life and her incredible character (she is still fondly remembered at the East Coast Bays RSA where we donated our cake) I can only imagine they must have been amazing resilient people. Recently my son and I had the honour of being invited on board the Queen Elizabeth so my son could lay a wreath on behalf of the youth of Auckland during a service to commemorate the 100 years. The ship will be sailing past Gallipoli on April 24th where a similar service will be held on board. The service was amazing and emotional and a great reminder of what our forefathers sacrificed to allow us our freedom and the lives we live today. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest we forget.

I collaborated with my amazing friend Nina from Make Pretty Cakes for our piece. We wanted to do something fun and a bit different and made from cake so we could donate it to the RSA and they could actually eat it!”

Kerry – Eat Cake & Nina – Make Pretty Cakes.




“Anzac day has always been a day of celebration in my household. It was my G’pop’s birthday which gave us extra reason to head to the Ex-Navalmen’s club.
Both my G’pop and his brother, my Great Uncle Roy served in the Navy during WW2, another brother, Colin served in the Army and unfortunately did not come home.
My G’pop served on the HMNZS Achilles, and my piece is based loosely on that.
I enjoyed a very close relationship with G’pop and would love to sit and talk with him and his mates over a rum or two, this project is dedicated to him.
My husband and I also served in the RNZN, and I think this brought my G’pop and I a lot closer, I know he was very proud of me.
Each Anzac day I attend the service at the Ex-Navalmen’s club if I am home, and this year I will again go along and ‘splice the mainbrace’ in memory of G’pop
The ship measures 90 cm from bow to stern”

Jenn- Utopia cakes


“My inspiration came from my family, I have found 3 Great-Great Uncles that paid the supreme sacrifice in the Great War. A light horseman from Victoria / Tasmania John Monaghan, who died in Egypt 1916; an infantry man from Queensland, 1650 Sgt Phillip Roper Taylor 25th Battalion, who died in France in March 1917 and a machine gunner from the 4th Machine Gun Battalion, #808 Pte Arthur young Taylor, he was also killed in France in 1918. Arthur was Phillip’s older Brother and joined the war after Phillip’s Death. Phillip joined the war effort at the beginning of 2015. He saw action at Gallopli as part of the 1st reinforcements 25th Battalion. Egypt, Suza, and the western front. Phillip’s dead man’s Penny has been handed down through our family to me. He was 21 years old when he died.. Phillip has Ibsen my inspiration for my cake today, the slouch hat carries the colour patch of the 25th Battalion, “black over Blue”. The boots are Ww1 leather boots. I have included phillip’s photo and the inscription his mother asked to be put on his grave in Waldencourt cemetery, France. Lest we forget.”

Jo – Eat Sleep Dream Cakes

“My 92 year old grandmother was my inspiration for my piece.
her father was wounded in Gallipoli, and her husband served in WW2. We will be donating this cake to the Montecillo Veterans home and Hospital.
i decided to do a replica of the Soldiers Memorial here in Dunedin, as it is an iconic reminder of all that we fought for. although this was originally erected as a memorial to those that lost their lives, i wanted to pay tribute to not only those that were lost, but also all of our Dunedin Servicemen and woman, and their families that have all been affected by New Zealands War efforts.”

– Zarlene – Arbitrary Cakes


I encourage you to visit the Facebook page to see more of the incredible contributions to this Anzac Day sweet tribute HERE .

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