ACDN means: Australian Cake Decorating Network Pty Ltd, its employees and its representatives.


Industrial disputes, missed or cancelled flights, travel delays, weather conditions, unforeseen acts of nature or other events may necessitate cancellation or delay of the Cake Crawl event. It is a requirement of attending this event that you take out appropriate interational travel insurance to cover such an event. ACDN will not be held liable for any costs or losses as a result of such events.

ACDN have no responsibility for costs or losses including missed travel connections, delays or booking errors. The Cake Crawl event will begin on the scheduled time, if you are delayed and miss the departure of our group, you will be required to meet us at the next available location. There will be no refunds for any part of the Cake Crawl event missed due to participant delay.

To the extent permitted by law, ACDN are not liable for death of or injury to any person on the event. It is a requirement that travel insurance be taken out to cover such events.

Refund and cancellation policy:

No refunds will be provided under any circumstances, except where required by law.
If you are no longer able to attend the event you may sell your ticket to another participant and inform ACDN of the name change up to one month prior to the scheduled event. Name changes will NOT be allowed within one month of the event.
ACDN will not be responsible for transfer of payments between ticket holders or responsible for finding a replacement participant.

ACDN may be able to assist in finding a new participant to take your ticket and in this case a $50 admin fee will be charged. We can not guarantee that we will be able to find a participant to take your ticket and no refund will be given if we can’t

The Cake Crawl event requires a minimum number of 10 participants to go ahead.
It is each participant’s decision to book flights or accommodation prior to confirmation that the event will be going ahead and no responsibility for these costs will be taken if the event does not go ahead on these dates. Once the minimum number of participants is reached we will inform all participants who have booked tickets. If the event does not go ahead due to not reaching minimum numbers, all participants who have booked will be refunded their cake crawl ticket price in full.

Payment policy:

Tickets can be paid for in full, or with a deposit and eiher weekly or monthly payment plan options.
The payment prices below are for ACDN members taking into account the member discount of $30 usd.
If you are purchasing a non-member ticket they will be $30 usd higher than the prices listed below.

To avoid PayPal conversion rates, participants may purchase the $100 deposit to secure their place, then pay the remainder via bank transfer to ACDN. The conversion rate will be calculated at the USD-AUD rate at the time of transfer (converted from usd to aud using current exchange rate and transferred to ACDN in AUSTRALIAN dollars. To use the bank transfer option participants must pay remainder in one transaction within 48 hours from date of deposit. Amount to be paid will be $1100 usd and the reference must be the same name used on the participant booking. Please contact us if you require further info on this.

Payment plans will incur an additional $30 admin fee which will be included in the overall payment plan cost.
Ticket costs:
ACDN members $1200 usd ($1230 usd if paid via payment plan)
Non-ACDN member $1230 usd ($1260 usd if paid via payment plan)

Pay in full at time of purchase:
$1200 USD (NO admin fee payable on payments made in full)

Monthly payment plans:
Monthly payment plans include a deposit of $410usd and then 2 further monthly payments of $410 usd. This amount includes the $30 admin fee for payment plans.

Weekly payment plans:
Weekly payment plans include a $123 usd deposit and 9 further weekly payments of $123. This amount includes the $30 admin fee for payment plans.

Each installment payment over the 9 weeks will be made in USD so are subject to AUD-USD conversion rate fluctuations.
Each weekly payment will remain at $123 USD per week until the full amount is paid.

Payment plans must be finalised (paid in full) by 25th March 2016. If payment is not complete by 25th March 2016 without prior arrangement the ticket will be cancelled with no refund given.

Inclusions/exclusions in the ticket cost:

Included in the Cake Crawl ticket cost is food/drinks as noted in the itinerary, studio visits, decorator fees and other booking fees.
Flights, accommodation and transfer costs are not included in the Cake Crawl ticket price. The pre-Cake Crawl events are not included in the ticket price. Evening meals and drinks are not included in the ticket price, unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary.
Participants will be required to purchase a subway ticket for the duration of the Cake Crawl and it is recommended that they purchase a 7-day Metrocard(subway) ticket as this can also be used before and after the Cake Crawl event also. The approximate cost for this is $30usd.


We suggest a medium level of fitness to attend this Cake Crawl event, as there will be a moderate amount of walking around NYC over the three days.
Some visits on the event will involve entering bars/hotels which are restricted to those 21years and older (the minimum age to consume alcohol in USA). If you are not 21 years or older, or can not prove your age when asked at the establishments, you will not be able to participate in these parts of the event.


It is a condition of booking that you have read and agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this event.
Booking a ticket on this Cake Crawl event indicates you have read and agree with the terms and conditions for this event.

This itinerary is a draft itinerary only and is subject to change before the NYC Cake Crawl date.
Of course we will aim to only change it for the better, to fit in even more awesome places to visit and decorators to meet and learn from!
The decorators listed have confirmed they would like to be involved in our event. In the unlikely event that they can no longer participate, we will inform everyone as soon as possible and endeavour to replace their visit/demo. The Australian Cake Decorating Network will not be held liable for changes in featured decorators, changes or cancellation of the Cake Crawl due to events outside our control, and no refunds will be given on this basis. We will, however, endeavour to make this Cake Crawl the best cake decorating event you’ve ever been on! We

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